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Fruiting Bodies is a video project created in the first 3 week of a creative residency for our new upcoming Fauna show. It was a partnership with Handstand Arts and Bristol Circus City and was supported by the English Arts Council in response to the current pandemic and our restrictions for live sharing. 

This new way of beginning a project through a different lens has driven our creation in an exciting direction. We cannot wait to continue working on the full length show with our new and incredible team of creatives which is ever expanding! 

Thank you Riga circus for supporting us in our physical residency during a time of limited possibilities. 


Acrobats: Imogen Huzel, Matt Pasquet, Aino Savolainen, Josh Frazer. 

Musicians: Geordie little, Rosetta Carr. 

Animator and artistic collaborator: Simon Ortega.

Filmed at: Rigas Cirks. 

In association with and supported by Bristol Circus City, Handstand Arts and Arts Council England. 

Producer: Flora Herberich. 

Filmed by us. 

Additional thanks to Jason Dupree, Odrija Fišere, Mara Pāvula.

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