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6 beings, 14 legs? Time lapsing fungus and a chair with real hair… 

A web of vibrant mycelium sculpts a surrealist meta landscape, tangling six artists as they connect and disconnect from their surroundings and from each other. One feels nostalgic of real touch, of dirty hands. Another is captivated by the possibilities of future invention. Someone is stuck still. They are focused on something, a mushroom growing perhaps… one is a mushroom? Another searches, shedding their skin, itching in it as they find their way through passing time. Besides them somebody seems content. 

Hopeful for harmony, this piece explores symbiosis, from that found in nature to that we cultivate, and the connectivity between us all.


Created by Imogen Huzel, Matt Pasquet, Geordie Little, Aino Saivolainen, Joshua Frazer, Rosetta Carr, and Topher Dagg

Conceptualisiation by Imogen Huzel and Matt Pasquet

Music by Geordie Little and Rosetta Carr

Lighting and technical development by Topher Dagg

Animations by Simon Ortega

Set design and construction by George Henriques

Engineering and prop construction by Tim Davies

Costumes by Morwenna Hope

Supported by British Arts, Jacksons Lane, Out There Arts, SITE, Cirkus Lyftet, Rigas Cirks, Menu Spaustuve


April 23, 2022 Swedish Premier - Luleå

Dansinitiativet, Luleå, Sweden

ticket links coming soon

June 8, 2022 Residency Showing - Sundsvall

in collaboration with Scen Sundsvall at Sundsvalls Teater, Sundsvall, Sweden

ticket links coming soon


Residency Showing: Sep 7th & 8th, 2021: Helium Festival

Vilnius, Lithuania


Other Work in Progress Showings 2020/21:

Rigas Cirks; Riga, Latvia

Bristol Circus City (Online Showcase); Bristol, UK

Lost in Translation Circus; Norwich, UK

Lyftet Cirkus; Sundsvall, Sweden

Menų spaustuvė; Vilnius, Lithuania





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